Reported on: 04.06.2021 by Sudanese exiles

A 14-year-old minor was gassed by police during Friday’s eviction. The police said “this is France, this is not an Arab country”. The police forced him out of his tent, they pushed him. He was brought to Marseille.

Law enforcement officials prevented him from retrieving his personal belongings. He saw a person being pushed and then beaten by the police. Others were gassed, beaten, then slashed and gassed his tent while the person was still inside. He was brought to Marseille. Law enforcement officials seized the tent, not letting him get his things back after he twice asked to be able to get his things back.

One person wanted to locate his medication, but the police prevented him. The police said “you have two minutes to get out”.

One person was woken up by the police with a kick on a tent, he said he wanted to stay here. The police beat him with batons, grabbed him by the collar of his T-shirt and dragged him to the bus by force.

Another person was patted down by the police, the police took € 2,000 from his pockets. They wouldn’t let him take back his personal belongings. He lost everything because of the eviction. He was taken far, to Nice.

The people returned to Calais two or three days later. They took the train, they were checked several times. They must have taken several trains.