Reported on: 11.11.2020

“I am Chadian. I have been given permission to say what I want to say regarding the situation here, people like us.

I am an asylum seeker because there is a situation that made me leave my home. We arrived here in France, but we were not allowed to live here in France, so everything is complicated; you sleep in the street. We lack a lot of things but we have no choice.

They informed us that we have to leave the territory, otherwise we are sent home. if we hadn’t had a problem, we wouldn’t be here. If we came here – we asked the government for help – it’s because we really need help. That’s why we’re here. If you want to send us home, that is to say, you who want to kill us. It’s not our government, not our family, because we ran away from death.

We came here… We thought if we came here we’d be safe, but it’s actually quite the opposite. So if there is something that you can help us with – all we ask for is help. We live as human beings too: we need freedom and to live as everyone else.”