Reported on: 04.06.2021 by Kuwaiti and Iraqi exiles

One person was beaten with a baton. The people didn’t consent to get on the buses, they didn’t know where they were going.

One person was beaten while still in his tent. Someone lost their phone.

A person was threatened by the police, the police threatened to gas him.

An Iraqi exiled person lived for five in Germany, he had to leave Germany because his asylum application was refused. He cannot go home because he is in danger. He is afraid of being persecuted. He just wants to find a place where he will be safe, where he can start his life over.

“If it weren’t for the associations we would have already died”

A person had just received money from his family, the money was seized by law enforcement the next day because of the eviction.

The FDO prevented people from urinating, one person insisted, and eventually two policemen had to escort him and monitor him to use the toilet.

People in exile do not understand why the police do not leave them alone, why they cannot go to England.

Most people told us that they were taken to different places, they had no choice but to go up. They told us that: “when you have no rights, you have to do what the police says”.

They were in a hotel for 2 days, then they came back to Calais. Some of them were taken far, hundreds of kilometers from Calais, to Toulouse, Lyon …