Reported on: 01.07.2020

Were you in the jungle this morning ?

“Yes, I was in the jungle [this morning] and the police arrested me for no reason and I am heartbroken, […] I feel bad for this situation because we live in the jungle, we live in dirty places but sometimes the police bother us for no reason so I am very hurt by this bad thing.”

When they arrested you, did they explain why did they arrest you ?

“They didn’t tell me why, but they told us “you have no documents”. A lot of people in the jungle don’t have documents, that’s why we were arrested today for no reason. A lot of people are undocumented in the jungle, and a lot of people are homeless, a lot of people are unemployed, but we have to go to the UK, so sometimes that’s what happens: the police bother us … it’s a very, very bad thing for us, you know? So I feel bad. We need rights for refugees and [migrants] from Calais.”